Neurovative Diagnostics delivers the latest in innovation using a cloud-based EEG platform accessible on any device.



Neurovative Diagnostics provides you with precise and informative data for rapid intervention and improved patient results.

Cloud-based Platform

National Coverage

Remote Access and Monitoring

Daily Reviews and Reports


Reliable EEG Solutions

Intermittent EEG Live Monitoring

Registered technologists periodically review EEG data, giving real-time updates.

Continuous Inpatient EEG Live Monitoring

Provides state-of-the-art care in any long-term facility or hospital.

In-Home Long-Term EEG

Your comfort and freedom, plus the security of Neurovative Diagnostics’ tools.

Daily EEG Review & Reports

EEG results and reports will be reviewed by your physician every 24 hours.


Unlock the potential of advanced analysis techniques to gain deeper insights into brain activity.

Equipment & Software Solutions

Access state-of-the-art EEG equipment and software, ensuring reliable and efficient data collection and analysis.

Physician Interpretation

Benefit from expert physicians who provide precise and insightful interpretations of EEG results.

EEG Training

Empower your healthcare professionals with specialized training in EEG procedures and interpretation.

Clinical Trials

Add real-time EEG data to your clinical trial for successful drug development.


Physician Interpretation

Physician interpretation plays a pivotal role in the medical field. Our board certified Neurologists expertise extends beyond mere data analysis; they combine their medical knowledge with a keen eye for detail to detect subtle abnormalities and patterns, ensuring that patients receive the most precise and effective care. Moreover, effective physician interpretation is essential for effective communication among healthcare providers, ensuring a seamless continuum of care. The accuracy and skill of our physicians are central to delivering quality healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

Neurovative is proud to offer this exceptional level of expertise and commitment to our partners.



Trusted Physicians

We continue to provide our growing network of certified physicians with a trustworthy, accessible way to ensure convenient in-home and in-facility neurodiagnostics for their valued patients.


Facilities & Hospitals

Neurovative Diagnostics partners with long-term facilities and hospitals across the nation to provide inpatient EEG monitoring services.


Refer a Patient

Once we receive a patient referral, Neurovative takes the necessary steps to successfully continue every patient’s diagnostic journey with convenience and comfort.


Private Practice

Neurovative Diagnostics is available to patients in any situation, with the ability to cater to many treatment plans from various locations, including private practices.

What Others Have To Say

As an epileptologist, I initially had reservations about use of ambulatory EEGs given concerns about keeping electrodes on and getting a good study for multiple days. I have been beyond impressed with the quality of the EEGs. My patients have greatly benefited from the incredible access, ease of use, professionalism of the neurodiagnostic technicians, and faster results than waiting for an inpatient (EMU) stay. I couldn’t recommend Neurovative more.

Katie Polovitz M.D.,

Neurologist/Epileptologist Neurology of the Rockies, L.L.C.

I have been working with Neurovative Diagnostics for several years now, and I have experienced first hand their commitment to excellence, continued improvement, and providing best patient experience and care. Long term ambulatory EEG’s performed by Neurovative Diagnostics in the patients’ homes are of the highest quality, nothing short of those EEG’s obtained in hospital settings and epilepsy monitoring units.

EEG technologists are extremely professional, efficient and reliable in their initial hook-up of EEG’s, review of recordings, and interpretation of findings. Communication with patients and ordering physicians is seamless and timely. Patients have had nothing but high praise of their experience with NVD in general, and of the technologists’ knowledge, availability and courteous behavior.

As an epileptologist, I have monitored patients in EMU settings as well as ambulatory settings, and I have yet to have any reservation in recommending ambulatory video-EEG monitoring through NVD, both to patients and to providers.

Roger Oghlakian, MD, MSc

Board Certified Neurologist/Epileptologist

What Sets Us Apart


We bring our expert services and care directly to your patients, no matter where they are located.


Our team of diagnostic specialists will provide your patients with high-level, professional care.


When inpatient admission is not an option or unnecessary, Neurovative provides your patients with convenient, cost-effective solutions.


Our services adapt to patient changes, whether it be their accommodation, location, or schedule.

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