Daily Live EEG Reviews & Reports

Neurovative Diagnostics now offers 24-hour daily summaries on in-home and in-patient long term VEEGs, when requested by the physician. Our Live Review Department gives Neurologists and Epileptologists the option to utilize an additional level of patient care by offering the capability of remote access to ongoing in-home long-term VEEGs.

Daily Live EEG Reviews & Reports: An Innovative Service Brought to You by Neurovative Diagnostics

• Remote access to Long-Term, Continuous EEG as it records live in the patient’s home.

• Real-time involvement in your patient’s care.

• Ability for quicker intervention to establish a diagnosis or course of treatment compared to post-review.

• Virtual solution to some of the new 2020 CPT professional coding changes.

Remote Access to the EEG is granted to the interpreting physician, which gives them the ability to:

• Review Patient Reported Events

• Review areas of interest based on individual neurologists’ medical practice.

• Review Features Noted By Registered SCANNING Technologists

Able to add notes during Live Review to assure code compliance through documentation

“Daily summaries” (generated by R.EEGT.) are signed electronically prior to midnight daily during your patient’s long-term, continuous EEG

• Drop-down selection for preliminary interpretation

• Fillable text box for the physician’s progress notes or interpretation.

• Simple drop-down selection for continuation or termination order


After data transfers to the database:

• Final data annotated by a qualified scanning technologist (R EEG T.), including patient event logs and button push events.

• Raw EEG Data + Report shared with interpreting physician.

• Interpretation, signature, and date are expected to be completed by the interpreting physician.

The final report may include amendments or corrections to the daily summaries

What Do We Provide?

We provide each 24-hour period of recording with a daily summary, prepared by registered EEG technologists. The daily summary outlines the previous day’s recorded patient events and contains a fillable section for the physician’s progress notes/interpretation and continuation order which ensures compliance to the newly introduced codes for long-term EEG. Summaries are e-signed daily during the testing window and allow the interpreting neurologist the option to diagnose, treat, and/or alter the duration of the recording if needed. The finalized EEG and video data is available for further inspection after the test has ended and the patient’s data imports to our database.

Benefits to Patient Care?

This extra level of service for interpreting neurologists/epileptologists may improve clinical outcomes as the practitioner is aware of events and/or abnormalities during the time of testing.

This extra level of service aids in more critical patient cases being able to have testing done outside inpatient settings.

Post EEG Review and Reports

Neurovative also offers post reviews and technologist reports on all EEG studies within our established Scanning Department, where we scan and clip the study, generate a report with our initial technologist findings, and put samples of the EEG data along with any abnormal sample clips.

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