Continuous Inpatient EEG Live Monitoring

Physician looking at test results on computer

Neurovative makes it possible to monitor an Inpatient Continuous Video EEG (cVEEG) virtually from any unit of any hospital or long term facility anywhere in the country. We are able to provide our monitoring services for patients all over the hospital, including Epilepsy Monitoring Units (EMUs), critical care units, and floor settings.


Our services will effectively supplement your patient needs and those of your community. Neurovative can benefit an existing EEG monitoring program by providing gap coverage, or providing a full continuous monitoring service platform. Our ability to combine these aspects is instrumental in the diagnosing process.

Neurovative’s EEG Monitoring provides Benefits to Hospital Administrations and Providers:

Administration Benefits:

Provider Benefits:

Neurovative Diagnostics provides a means of constantly assessing and monitoring brain function in all patients including the critically ill, obtunded and comatose patients in any setting.  Recent advances in digital EEG acquisition, storage, quantitative analysis, and transmission have made real-time cVEEG monitoring technically feasible and extremely useful.

Clinical examples of cVEEG use:


Intermittent EEG Live Monitoring

Registered technologists periodically review EEG data, giving real time updates.


In-Home Long Term EEG

Your comfort and freedom, plus the security of Neurovative Diagnostics’ tools.

Daily EEG Reviews & Reports

EEG results and reports will be reviewed by your physician every 24 hours.

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