Intermittent Live EEG Monitoring

Advancing Intermittent Monitoring: A Commitment to Excellence and Patient- Centric Care

Pioneers in Diagnostic Innovation Since 2016, Neurovative has pioneered intermittent monitoring, leading the field even before its recognition as a standard of care in 2020. Our journey from early development to the current state highlights our profound grasp of the complexities of delivering this vital diagnostic service. Expertise in Action Neurovative’s development process, enhanced by the expertise of highly trained Registered EEG Technologists (R. EEG T.), exemplifies a commitment to excellence. This approach has been carefully refined to meet the specific needs of patients and physicians, integrating advanced technology with comprehensive knowledge to improve patient outcomes and ensure diagnostic accuracy.

Extra Level of Patient Care and Diagnostic Quality

Although intermittent monitoring was introduced as the new standard of care in January 2020, Neurovative Diagnostics first began developing their Patient Monitoring Department in 2016. With many years of development and experience, we understand the dynamics and complexities of Intermittent Monitoring in uncontrolled settings, and we are able to meet the unique needs of patients and physicians, as it relates to providing this vital diagnostic tool. Our Intermittent Monitoring provides the extra level of patient care and diagnostic quality that cannot be substituted with an inexperienced service provider. We are confident that our services will effectively supplement your patient needs and those of your community. By evaluating our services, our goal is to help you understand the many benefits that come with using Neurovative.

We are able to perform intermittent monitoring on any referred patient if your patient can benefit from intermittent monitoring within their home or facility setting.

Unmatched Quality and Adaptable, Patient-Centric Care at Neurovative

At Neurovative, service quality is defined by exceptional patient care and diagnostic precision. This is upheld by our highly-trained and experienced Clinical team, who are crucial in maintaining these high standards. R. EEG T’s perform and document real-time data reviews every 90 minutes, ensuring the integrity and quality of vEEG recordings. This consistent monitoring is essential for data accuracy, equipment upkeep, and facilitating prompt communication with healthcare professionals.

Simultaneously, our services are highly adaptable, and tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs. We offer flexible monitoring solutions that are implementable in various settings, including the comfort of patients’ homes and medical facilities. This approach ensures that patients receive the right level of monitoring in the most convenient and comfortable environment possible, reflecting our commitment to patient-centered care.

Our Pledge to Healthcare Choosing Neurovative’s services means engaging with a program shaped by years of development and clinical expertise. Our commitment to conducting thorough data reviews every 90 minutes reflects our dedication to maintaining high standards of monitoring quality and responsiveness. We strive to provide high-quality, patient-focused care and diagnostic accuracy, aiming to be a trusted choice in intermittent monitoring solutions. Our dedication to this field establishes us as a leader in reliable and efficient intermittent monitoring solutions, constantly evolving to meet the demands of modern healthcare.

What is Intermittent Monitoring?

Our Registered EEG Technologists perform and document real-time reviews of data at least every 2 hours during the entire recording period to ensure integrity and quality of the recording, identify the need for maintenance, and, when necessary, notify the physician of clinical concerns. All of these aspects used together are instrumental in the diagnosing process.

Intermittent Monitoring Services

In addition to providing intermittent services to all internally referred patients, we are also able to provide Intermittent Monitoring as a service to other service providers.

Additional Benefits to other Service Providers:


Increased patient volume capability

Immediate service line expansion

Staffing cost remains variable

Decreased patient wait time for ordering physicians

Access to a large pool of qualified staff by supplying a staff of Registered and/or CLTM certified technologists

Enhanced patient services

Gap coverage for round the clock monitoring

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