Our Story

Neurovative Diagnostics is a Joint Commissioned Accredited company, who was founded by individuals with direct clinical EEG expertise and business professionals, with over 50 combined years of experienced in the Neurodiagnostic field. They saw a huge need for a company that focused on patient, physician, and employee care while creating a foundation of adhering and preserving professional guidelines and ethics. While there are other similar service providers which would provide you similar services, we are a company of our word and integrity. The services we offer, and the way we provide them, is what separates us from everyone else. We instill compassion, convenience, and comfort throughout the patient journey and our customer service is one of the highest in the industry. We go above and beyond to cater to physician and patient preferences, which is extremely vital when working with patients of all pages.

With two of the founders having significant clinical EEG experience, both maintaining active ABRET EEG Registrations, this makes a significant difference with how the quality and the integrity of studies are together managed and provided, instilling the highest standards throughout every aspect of the company.

What do we offer?

Neurovative Diagnostics serves many states across the United States and services many nationally recognized hospitals. We are also proud holders of the Joint Commission Accreditation. Due to the nature of our Virtual foundation, there is no area we cannot service.

Our Missions and Values

Providing outstanding innovative patient, physician, and employee care with a commitment to honesty and integrity. 

Service Excellence

Striving for outstanding care


Always learning and improving


Actions that show accountability, fairness, humility, empathy, and trust


Leadership will lead by example following the values of the company

Our Services

Intermittent EEG Live Monitoring

Registered technologists periodically review EEG data, giving real-time updates.

Continuous Inpatient EEG Live Monitoring

Provides state-of-the-art care in any long-term facility or hospital.

In-Home Long-Term EEG

Your comfort and freedom, plus the security of Neurovative Diagnostics’ tools.

Daily EEG Review & Reports

EEG results and reports will be reviewed by your physician every 24 hours.

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Neurovative Diagnostics accepts referrals from thousands of hospitals, facilities, physicians, and private practices across the country.