Our Patient Process

Patient Process

Before Your Appointment

Your physician will notify us regarding what type of study you will need. Upon completing our verification process, one of our staff members will call you. We will schedule your appointment and explain the test. At this time, we can also help you with any questions or concerns you have about the process.

On The Day of Your Appointment

On your appointment date, one of our registered technologists will arrive at your home to set up the equipment and begin the procedure. Since Neurovative values your comfort and peace of mind, there is no need to go anywhere. Everything is done for you in the convenience of your own home. Here’s what you should expect upon the arrival of the technologist:
  • RButton up shirts and loose pants are recommended for changing clothes easily on a daily basis. Dress comfortably.
  • RThe technologist will place disc shaped electrodes with cream on the surface of the scalp and cover each disc with tape.*
  • RWhen all the electrodes are on, your head will be wrapped with gauze and secured with tape. All of the electrodes connect down into a box that stays zipped in a pack that you will wear around your waist.
  • RThe device will need to be worn for the amount of time your physician specifies.
  • R During the CVEEG, we have a Registered Technologist who monitors remotely during the entire study.
  • RWe monitor and check in on you several times during your study to verify the integrity of your EEG and inquire about any symptoms you may have experienced while in our care.
  • RUpon completion of your study, depending on your individual situation, you may either self disconnect the electrodes or have the technologist remove them when returning to pick up the equipment.

*We use hypoallergenic products and tape, but please let your technologist know of any skin sensitivities.

Your EEG data and reports will be available to your physician shortly after your study is completed and collected. If your physician schedules a follow-up appointment with you, the EEG results are usually discussed at that time. If no follow-up appointment is scheduled, you can contact your physician’s office for further detail on your EEG results. All followup discussions of the EEG results will be done by your physician.

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