Neurovative Diagnostics to Partner in Middle East Venture

by | Mar 30, 2021

Neurovative Diagnostics to Partner in Middle East Venture

Expanding access to care by lending expertise in operations, staffing, and education

Dallas, TX, March 30, 2021

Patients with epilepsy and other neurological conditions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and United Arab Emirates (UAE) now have new options for diagnosis in the privacy and comfort of their homes. Thanks to an innovative partnership with Dallas-based Neurovative Diagnostics, the Middle East’s Neurovation is poised to elevate the EEG services in the entire region to provide outstanding health care and employment options.

Neurovative Diagnostics, a company that conducts EEG testing and monitoring in over 25 U.S. states, has partnered with Middle East Medtech business leader, Mohammad Khaywa, to form the Neurovation joint venture. Lifelines Neuro, a market-leading in-home EEG device and software company is the third partner in this new endeavor. Plans include expansion throughout the Middle East to serve a market that needs more EEG technologists or epileptologists to care for the number of patients who need it.

Electroencephalography, or EEG, is used to monitor brain waves to diagnose seizures and other brain abnormalities. Traditionally performed in hospitals, the U.S. has been a pioneer in adopting in-home EEG as an alternative, which has been done with excellent results for 20+ years and has accelerated during the Covid-19 pandemic as a safer alternative to hospitalization. Hospital-quality EEG is now possible outside the hospital due to improved technology and cloud software that connects patients to physicians 24/7/365 and enables physicians and EEG technologists to remotely monitor patients. Bringing this technology and care to the Middle East and partnering with local physicians will expand the reach to people who would otherwise not have access to diagnosis, and the medications and surgeries that may help stop seizures associated with epilepsy.

Neurovative Diagnostics provides EEG testing and remote patient monitoring and is fully accredited by the Joint Commission. “This partnership is an extension of what we already do, which is to provide exceptional care to patients in their homes – now our reach is just farther away, where there is a great need,” says Tony Wax, CEO of Neurovative. “Our expert EEG staff is assisting in the education and training of the Neurovation team, and we will help provide remote monitoring and live review of EEG studies in progress.”

“As a registered EEG technologist myself, I have a passion for bringing people into this profession,” says Paula Cornejo, R. EEG. T. and President of Neurovative Diagnostics. “Creating an educational program to expand care in the Middle East is challenging and exciting, and is a key part of our contribution to the partnership.”

“Lifelines Neuro creates the most effective and usable EEG devices on the planet,” says Lifelines Neuro President Mark Jackson. “ We are liberating EEG by making it accessible, mobile and efficient to benefit patients around the globe. Partnering with Neurovation fits in with our mission to create neurodiagnostics without boundaries, bringing EEG to areas where patients are underserved.” Lifelines Neuro is not entering the U.S. EEG service provider business, Jackson points out, “our intention is to expand our global reach through this partnership.”

Neurovation’s flexible subscription pricing enables hospitals and physicians to hire “EEG as a Service” to expand their reach to care for more patients in the Middle East region. “Neurovation is a joint venture led by regional experts with the two leading neurodiagnostic US companies, Lifelines Neuro and Neurovative Diagnostics who converged in their mission of reaching out and supporting the lives of patients suffering from neurological disorders in the region and deliver more accessible and innovative solutions to them,” says Neurovation CEO Mohammad Khaywa.

Khaywa is a proven Medtech industry leader, with 15 years of experience in sales, business, market development, and strategic planning. “We already have a great deal of interest in our EEG as a Service, especially from the physicians in the KSA and UAE who are looking for alternate and innovative ways to create access to neurodiagnostic testing, “ he says. “Neurovation aims at building partnerships with physicians and centers to elevate patients’ access to high-quality care and deliver rapid diagnosis and early intervention to them.” Neurovation will be using Lifelines Neuro’s Trackit F EEG system with HD video monitoring designed for flexibility – it can be used in a patient’s home or in a hospital or clinic setting. With Lifelines Neuro’s Rendr Platform EEG cloud software, EEG technologists can remotely monitor patients, ensuring the EEG study quality is excellent and the physician can also remotely check a study in real-time. This creates all the resources of a hospital-based EEG right at the patient’s doorstep.

Khaywa continues, “We are currently hiring expert EEG technologists who will receive tailored training and preparation from our US partners.” He concludes, “We ultimately aim at launching an EEG Academy to educate and provide the region with innovative and best-at-home products that harness the latest methodologies and technologies committed to enhance accessibility and transform healthcare services.”

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