Neurovative Diagnostics and Ambulatory Neurological Services Merge

by | Apr 8, 2021

Neurovative Diagnostics and Ambulatory Neurological Services Merge to Create an Industry Leading EEG Service Provider

Dallas, Texas, April 8, 2021

Neurovative Diagnostics and Ambulatory Neurological Services (ANS), two leading providers of Electroencephalogram (EEG) services, announced this week the merger of their two companies. Neurovative and ANS currently provide in-home EEGs and EEG monitoring services across the United States, with recent expansion in the Middle East. Neurovative and ANS will continue serving their existing clients, combining to form the largest provider of in-home EEG procedures.

Patient care and integrity have always been at the forefront of both Neurovative Diagnostics and ANS. Their relationship began evolving in 2019 during their membership within The EEG Coalition. This coalition was formed among colleagues in the EEG community to educate and support the industry’s value and importance to patient access. The need for partnership was clear, as both companies had similar goals, values, ethics, and culture.

“Expanding patient access on a large scale, and providing a service which supplements the hospital system, has always been a goal of ours,” says Paula Cornejo, President of Neurovative. “Merging with ANS gets us closer to that goal and expanding with a like-minded, patient centered company is what will continue to set us apart from others in the industry,” continues Samantha Martin, COO of Neurovative.

Neurovative Diagnostics will be led by the Leadership of both companies. “The combined Neurovative and ANS operations will provide the platform for growing EEG services both throughout the United States, as well as internationally. Further, as the industry leader of in-home EEG solutions, we will have the resources and personnel to pursue exciting new solutions in the neurology field beyond EEGs,” says Tony Wax, CEO of Neurovative.

“Partnering Neurovative with ANS will allow more patients, clinicians and facilities to benefit from in-home EEGs and create better outcomes for the neurology community,” says Steve Iribarren, co-founder of ANS. “Both companies bring a wealth of experience, technology, and best practices to the combined enterprise,” continues Miguel Iribarren, CEO and President of ANS.

The merger of Neurovative Diagnostics and ANS was accommodated through a newly formed holding company, Meliora Innovations, LLC, with the objective to improve the overall health of the community through a focus on the Neurosciences and leading-edge solutions that facilitate improved brain health.

Kevin Armstrong, CSO of Neurovative, encompasses it in one statement. “We are looking forward to the improvement of our industry, working in unity to deliver the finest EEG services to patients and providers.”

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